Gitikka Ganju Dhar

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Recasting the Archetype and Leading the Fine Art of Talk on Indian Stage.

Now counting her 20th year as a talker, she is one of India's leading live talents and an orator of distinguished reputation. The year gone by was a legit turning point for this prodigious talker. It saw her firmly establish her skill as anchor, as the point of first choice for events mounted in India that require more case than trace. The darling of India’s experiential industry, Curator of The Ministry of Talk – Made in India, she is India’s most awarded live host. 

She has been named Nation Builder by India Today, one among a 100 Nation Builders from across the spectrum of Indian industries. Named Live Artist of the Decade at WOW Awards Asia, she has also been honoured with the award for Outstanding Contribution to the Indian Experiential Realm by Business World Applause. She was named amongst the ten most influential women in the Indian Live Industry in a book released by EEMA. She is a veteran of more than two dozen television shows and more than three thousand live events across the globe. Named Best Live Host India at various relevant platforms, the reasons for her success are simple. The intellectual quotient she brings to the job is unparalleled. Her oratory skills enchant. Her words bewitch and resonate. Her stage presence enraptures, her ebullience belies the two decades across which she has wielded the microphone and her professionalism reassures. India’s most versatile anchor , her career is truly the hallmark of excellence. Well known for her extempore renditions, you have to watch her live to fully understand the impact that she has on live audiences. Her timeless appeal as an anchor can be best experienced live, whether you watch her talking the stage or observe her expounding words during a shoot, you'll sense the magic in the air. 

Late APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India had once remarked, "She is an exceptionally talented anchor." Hers is the name common to some of the year’s biggest and most acclaimed live projects so far, Fit India Launch, Main Bhi Chowkidar, India Event IP, IIFA Awards Press Conference, Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas, 20th Kargil Vijay Diwas, Vibrant Gujarat, Khelo India Youth Games, CREDAI Youth Con, Global Aviation Summit, Talentrack Awards, The Sufi Route and Hotelier India Awards. In the past year, she hosted several flagship projects such as Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence Global Investors Summit, ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit, Founding Conference of International Solar Alliance, US India Business Council Ideas Summit, India International Energy Forum and India International Science Fair. The Hon'ble President of India and the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India have graced a significant number of the above mentioned events.

Gitikka is often engaged to host key events in the presence of India's President, Prime-Minister, Vice-President, Chief Ministers, Global Heads of State and corporate global leadership. Within the Indian live industry, she is the preferred anchor for content based summits and government-led events due to her masterful fluency in both the Hindi and English language, adept understanding of protocol, extensive pan-India experience and a resonant voice. Her spontaneity, dynamic personality, vibrance, the ability to rule the stage, her audience too, mark Gitikka a cut above the rest. Whether a corporate, government, lifestyle, sport or social event she always raises the bar and takes proceedings to different level altogether. Over the years, despite being pampered with captions like, The Queen of Indian Stage and A Talk Evangelist she remains pragmatic and grounded. When the role of an anchor is crucial to the execution of an event or show, she is chosen to value-add to the proceedings.

With grace and gumption, Gitikka has changed the way India views female live hosts. She says, “I do not wish to be viewed as a female or male host whilst on stage, my gender is inconsequential to the job at hand, neither as a celebrity do I want to be cast. The quality of my work should be the celebrity, nothing but, skill, voice and content should matter, whether I am talking for a razzmatazz event or one soaked in protocol. How good one looks should be incidental, what one wears should be a part of the overall vibe and what figure your age sit at should be immaterial.” Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres defy these stereotypes. In India, does a male anchor’s shelf life come with an expiry date too? Female news anchors adhere to no such bondage, there, only skill matters. In a category of performers who were for long handcuffed by the male gaze, she has successfully steered the focus onto substance, having redrafted the scope of a female live host’s presence on stage. The agenda now stands rebooted. Today, in the best phase of her career as a live artist and that too at a stage when most female anchors were expected, as in the earlier days, to hang up their boots, Gitikka talks at events that range from brand launches to government events to film awards to rural marketing experiences, no small feat to achieve this range. She is idolized by the new blood entering the Indian live industry. She has emerged as a thought leader, social influencer and a patriot to be watched out for. 

Hailing from the valley of Kashmir, settled in Mumbai, Gitikka is married to a senior banker Vineet Dhar, hands-on mother to Daeveka and is daughter of an Armed Forces veteran and an Economics Professor. A prolific writer for live industry platforms, she is penning her first book for children. She is member on various National Committees at the Event and Entertainment Management Association of India - EEMA. You can also catch her in commercials on television, as she marks a return to acting after many years. She has expanded her repertoire in the live zone as a Moderator and Motivational Speaker. “I hope one day I can take my Talk, Made in India, to the world.” She says, as she walks onto stage, not a man, not a woman, not a celebrity, only a believer in the Fine Art of Talk, to invite the Head of State to address the gathering.

This one sure is - Made in India.