Gitikka Ganju Dhar

Moderator | Chat Show Host | Motivational Speaker


Gitikka is a sought after Moderator and Chat Show Host. Having a professional moderator onboard, can make a real difference in the effectiveness of a focus group. More than often, celebrities, sector experts and business leaders are invited to host chats or panel discussions. Gitikka is a specialist, well-prepped moderator who has her eye on the ball. It is an added asset that she comes armed with two decades of experience on stage.

She has steered interviews, chats and discussions across sectors and subjects such as Automotive, Lifestyle, Healthcare, Government, Films, Hospitality, Politics, Design, Experiential, Aviation,
Technology, Finance and Tourism.

Her uncanny ability to guide the discussion of the focus group in the requisite direction is well-regarded. Gitikka comes armed with ripe verbal skills, a vast knowledge base that spans sectors and subjects, a dedicated research team, a natural curiosity, the ability to organically interact with people and the ability to remain impartial, open, flexible and unbiased.

She comes armed with a degree in Business Management from Delhi University and a post- graduate degree in Mass Communication from The Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia. She was consulting faculty for the subject of anchoring with ISOMES, Delhi.