Ladies & gentlemen Mr. Azim Premji! If we’re to draw one common thread through all individuals and organizations, the common thread is the pursuit of eventual outcome. Lives are a continuous chain of vision and results. So when we decide to press harder and focus on amplifying outcome, it expands the bandwidth of possibilities to all aspects of life and the entirety of business. As a result, you become highly attuned to applying your proven genius to the individual and to the collective significance of your organization. We amplify outcome. So, how many Star Wars fans here? If you are a fan, you would know of the Amplification Crystals. Two of these silver crystals were used by Maulkiller to provide extra potency to all attacks. Our next speaker is going to roll your way, ammunition in the form of amplification crystals. He will share with you a perspective of the focus areas of the last FY year, a status of where we are and what direction we are headed in. He will talk about the important areas for growth, our big bets, automation and how individuals and teams should amplify outcomes. He is a distinguished professional who drives delivery innovation at Wipro. With over twenty years of global diversified experience, he has been instrumental in building and scaling many of Wipro’s businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, talking about Amplifying Outcomes is Chief Operating Officer, Wipro Ltd., Mr. Bhanu Murthy!


Ladies & gentlemen Mr. Bhanu Murthy! These insights truly have given us a lot of fuel for thought on the road ahead. So now we know the big goal. Now, let’s get down to getting it done. Let’s ask the pertinent questions and seek the relevant answers. Who is our competition? What do our customers want? What best course of action should we charter? Analyzing these key questions gives us the power to strategize accurately and prep for amplification. Ladies & Gentlemen, sharing with us his vision on how to amplify insights is Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Mr. Dion Hinchcliffe. He covers leadership strategies for The New C-Suite, Digital Workplace, and Internet of Things (IoT). Hinchcliffe is an internationally recognized business strategist, bestselling author, enterprise architect, industry analyst, and noted keynote speaker. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in digital strategy, the future of work, and enterprise IT. Let’s all welcome him!